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Sherine Khalil, Valor Compounding Pharmacy

Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for us! Let’s start with an introduction. Could you introduce yourself?

As the President of Valor Compounding Pharmacy, I oversee the business side of the pharmacy, including developing growth strategies and integrating the various departments to meet goals. I joined the team a year ago with 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, operations, nonprofit administration, and scaling business models. I bring a different perspective to the pharmacy space, and offer insight to its mission to solve patient specific health problems.

Tell us a little about Valor Compounding Pharmacy. How is Valor different from other pharmacies?

Valor Compounding Pharmacy is a diamond in the ruff. We offer both non-sterile and sterile (Fall 2019) compounded medications custom made specific to a patient’s healthcare needs. We are open to educational talks, prescription consultations, and are often contacted as subject matter experts. We opened a 5,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in August 2018 in downtown Berkeley, and employ highly competent pharmacists and technicians who have been trained by some of the most renowned sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacists in the country. We are identified by major wholesalers and vendors as the model compounding pharmacy for our facility, efficient workflow and equipment, fast delivery, and skilled staff.

Health care is such a important issue for everyone. What is Valor bringing to the conversation?

The opioid epidemic is highly prevalent in the United States, and is highlighted as a major public health cause and concern for death. Valor Compounding Pharmacy can help offer opioid-free topical pain cream alternatives to pain management that could be prescribed a few days post-surgical procedures, for example, or as an outpatient maintenance medication for chronic conditions, as opposed to continued doses of opioid based drugs.

Reproductive medicine, or fertility, is also a major healthcare focus area that has largely developed with designated clinics, specialty disciplines, and various regimens to aid in patient goals. We understand the sensitivities and needs that our fertility patients have and through leveraging the expertise of our pharmacists, we are able to tend to those needs in addition to offering them quality medications. This Fall, our sterile service line will offer a select set of medications often prescribed by physicians in this field.

What made Downtown Berkeley the perfect place for Valor to have a presence?

Compounding pharmacies are few and far between, particularly for outpatient services, and especially for sterile medications. Compounding medications are sometimes considered as an alternative to commercially available drugs when what is commercially available isn’t compatible with a specific patient, or as a last resort for various specialty health conditions. Downtown Berkeley is the perfect location to offer our services, and has the right cultural appreciation for custom medications, such as opioid-free pain management and hormone replacement therapies.

What are some events or programs coming up that you would like people to know about?

We are excited to announce several programs that area available to existing and potential patients and physicians.  

For physicians, we offer a free in-service consultation to review how we can help simplify the process of prescribing compounds for their patients. We also are open to physician or medical practice tours within our pharmacy by appointment. We have physicians coming through every week to meet us and learn about what we do and gain a trusted partner in compounding for their patients.

For large medical practices, we are available to provide educational seminars on hot topics such as “Is it hot in here or is it me? Hot Flashes and Solutions”, or “Your Skin is Unique to You. Dermatology Medications Can Be Too”.

For patients, we are currently running a special promotion for new patients to our pharmacy that will offer 50% off their first prescription. We also have special pricing for low dose naltrexone.

How can interested people can find out more about the programs here?

Feel free to call Valor Compounding Pharmacy at 510-548-8777. Prescriptions  can be sent via e-prescribe or by fax at 510-548-0305.

What do you like the most about being in Downtown Berkeley?

Downtown Berkeley is vibrant, open-minded, and we love supporting the small businesses all around us. We often obtain flowers from local shops and business meeting catering from mom and pop restaurants. We are happy to be part of the community, and we like the location for its ease of our courier and shipping pick-ups. We offer free delivery in the state of CA, and patients can also walk-in and see us in person.


Valor Compounding Pharmacy is unique, just like Downtown Berkeley!

Check out Valor Compounding Phamacy to experience first-hand and tell us what you think!