Downtown Berkeley Ambassadors provide Enhanced Environmental Services—above and beyond City baseline services—that include Cleaning, Hospitality, Outreach, and Beautification Services.


The cleaning schedule for the Ambassadors is as follows:

Cleaning Ambassador Schedule Premium Zone Standard Zone
Average Weekly Coverage 7 days/week 5 days/week
Litter removal/pan & broom Twice per day Once per day
Detail cleaning of public amenities Twice per day Once per day
Graffiti removal Daily as needed Daily as needed
Weed removal Daily as needed Daily as needed
Power washing/spot cleaning Daily as needed* Daily as needed*
Power washing/scheduled cleaning Daily as needed* Daily as needed*

*To view Jan 2019 Power Washing Schedule - DAY, click here.
*To view Jan 2019 Power Washing Schedule - NIGHT, click here.


The Ambassador program is also focused on creating a more welcoming Downtown environment for all residents, workers, and visitors through hospitality and outreach efforts. Ambassadors walk the Downtown on a regular schedule providing a friendly source of directions, information, and assistance for the residents, visitors, merchants, business owners, and the general public. Ambassadors also provide social service outreach, referrals, and act as eyes and ears for public safety. Specifically, Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Provide hospitality by offering directions, information, and escort services especially for the arts venues, including the Welcome Kiosk located in BART Plaza.
  • Support merchants by addressing their concerns and needs for service.
  • Provide outreach for social services to homeless and other populations, in concert with Berkeley Health Department’s Mental Health Division and other social service agencies.
  • Report on blight issues to City of Berkeley Department of Public Works and other relevant departments, including safety hazards, property damage, broken street lights, graffiti, campsites, landscaping issues, abandoned bikes and news racks, etc.
  • Support marketing efforts of the DBA including staffing kiosks, distributing promotional materials, and assisting at events.
  • Address problematic street behavior through education, outreach, and reminders of local ordinances regarding smoking, noise, open containers, aggressive panhandling, lying upon a commercial sidewalk during prohibited times, trespassing, etc. Also, support merchants and other stakeholders in dealing with challenging street behaviors.
  • Litter pick-up and incidental cleaning in path of travel and reporting to supervisor major cleaning projects.

The hospitality schedule for the Ambassadors is as follows:

Hospitality Ambassador Schedule Premium Zone Standard Zone
Coverage in all areas 7 days/week 12-16 hours 7 days/week 8-12 hours
Primary method of coverage Foot patrol Foot or Segway patrol
Patrol rounds 4 rounds per shift 2 rounds per shift
Business contacts 6 per shift 3 per shift
Outreach with street populations Daily Daily
Reporting Daily Daily


In addition the DBA provides beautification services for Downtown Berkeley, primarily focused on the landscaping of Downtown planters, the hanging of succulent baskets, and the installation of holiday lights during the winter season. Current beautification projects include:

  • Planting and maintenance of succulents in large planters along Shattuck Avenue.
  • Planting and maintenance of succulents in center median strip on Shattuck Avenue.
  • Install and maintain planter bowls on University Avenue.
  • Hang and maintain 180 hanging succulent baskets.
  • Planting and maintaining other planter areas with low water and low maintenance succulents.
  • Judicious watering of succulents and other drought resistant planting in the Downtown.
  • General weeding, new grading, and maintenance of tree wells.
  • Installation of holiday lights during winter season.
  • As part of marketing and promotion program, hanging of 88 colorful double banners throughout the Downtown.

Future projects depending on funding and priorities may include:

  • Cosmetic capital improvements, including street furniture, information kiosks, pedestrian lighting, and other amenities.
  • Wayfinding and directional signage to help visitors navigate through downtown.
  • Public art.



The City of Berkeley co-funds with the DBA a Social Service Outreach Specialist who guides persons living on our sidewalks and public spaces in Downtown Berkeley into social services, shelter, and housing, and works to resolve encampment or other issues for merchants. Please call Ambassador Hotline if you need from our specialist.