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Co-founder Adam Stemmler and bartender Josh from East Bay Spice Company.

East Bay Spice Company is a craft cocktail bar emphasizing Indo-Asian spices in all featured cocktails. Our kitchen offers classic North Indian cuisine as well as contemporary Punjabi street food dishes.

Our spirits list embraces old world staples as well as progressive new world micro spirits. We also proudly offer 6 direct-draw draught beers (2 on nitro) along with 9 craft bottle options, mostly from local California microbreweries. Our beverage program is a collaborative effort between Adam Stemmler of Blind Tiger Cocktail Co. and Eric Quilty of Jupiter Olympus.

Our featured cocktails oscillate from short & spiritous to long & refreshing, with most featured recipes incorporating some sort exotic, Indo-Asian spice. Our goal is to allow the spirit to shine through while also featuring unique spice combinations for additional nuanced complexities.
In the kitchen, we focus on traditional North Indian cuisine presented in small plates & contemporary Punjabi street food preparations (all plates are $9 or less). Our kitchen stays open late and is run by well-respected Indian chef & restaurateur, Deepak Aggarwal of Mint Leaf & Khana Peena Restaurants.

Watch bartender and mixologist Josh concoct the delicious and fresh Punjabi by Nature!

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