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The Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) is an independent nonprofit organization, funded by Downtown property owners, focused on creating a welcoming, vibrant and prosperous City Center. Our Cleaning and Hospitality Ambassador team and DBA staff provide a myriad of services throughout the Downtown.

It's Our Downtown
It's Our Downtown
Its Our Downtown
Its Our Downtown
Its Our Downtown

DBA Services Include:

Cleaning & Beautification

  • Daily public area trash removal
  • Sidewalk sweeping & hardscape cleaning via power washing or other water conservative methods
  • Public property sticker, flier and poster removal
  • Public property graffiti removal
  • Public facing private property graffiti removal assistance
  • Animal and human waste removal

Hospitality & Outreach

  • On street concierge assistance
  • Safety escorts
  • Daily reporting of public area maintenance issues and hazards
  • Address low level municipal code violations
  • Event hosting, operations and patrols
  • Hotline phone number available to public/businesses
  • Social service outreach and referrals
  • Public area morning wake ups
  • Mental health responses

Marketing & Business Support

  • Dining, shopping and services brochures
  • Year-round production and publicity of Downtown events
  • Media outreach
  • Online business directory and resources
  • Enews and social media
  • Liaison with City departments

Our Business Partners Include: