In addition the DBA provides beatification services for Downtown Berkeley, primarily focused on landscaping of Downtown planters, the hanging of flower baskets, and the installation holiday lights during the winter season.

Current beautification projects include in coordination with services already provided by the City of Berkeley:

  • Planting and maintenance of 10 large planters in BART Plaza and Shattuck Avenue, in addition to services already provided by the City.
  • Planting of decorative native grasses in center median strip on Shattuck Avenue
  • Hanging of 180 flower baskets from light poles in Downtown premium zone and along University Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Way.
  • General weeding, new grading, and maintenance of tree wells.
  • Installation of holiday lights during winter season.
  • As part of marketing and promotion program (see section below) hanging of 88 color banners throughout the Downtown.

Future projects depending of funding and priorities may include

  • Cosmetic capital improvements, including street furniture, information kiosks, pedestrian lighting and other amenities.
  • Wayfinding and directional signage to help visitors navigate through downtown.
  • Public art.