Hospitality Ambassadors

The goal of the Hospitality Ambassadors is to create a more welcoming downtown environment for all residents, workers, and visitors to Downtown Berkeley. Ambassador staff patrol the Downtown on a regular schedule with a hospitality focus, providing a friendly source of directions, information, and assistance for the residents, visitors, business owners, and the general public. Ambassador staff will also act as eyes and ears for public safety and social service partners by educating, assisting, and reporting on various needs and problems.
The Hospitality Ambassadors provide a welcoming presence through patrol and public assistance. The Ambassadors provide assistance to visitors, merchants, City staff, and other community partners as they perform their duties to make the Downtown district a more welcoming area. Specifically, their responsibilities will include the following:

  • Provide hospitality by offering directions, information, and escort services especially for the arts venues, including a new Mobile Welcome Kiosk to be located primarily in BART Plaza.
  • Support merchants by addressing their concerns and needs for service.
  • Provide outreach for social services to homeless and other populations, in concert with Berkeley Health Department’s Mental Health Division.
  • Report on blight issues to City of Berkeley Department of Public Works and other relevant departments, including safety hazards, property damage, broken street lights, graffiti, campsites, landscaping issues, abandoned bikes and news racks, etc.
  • Support marketing efforts of the DBA including by staffing kiosks, distributing promotional materials, and assisting at events.
  • Address nuisance activity through education, outreach, and reminders to street and other populations of ordinances regarding smoking, noise, open containers, aggressive panhandling, sleeping during prohibited times, trespassing, etc.
  • Discourage problematic street behavior by educating on the law and on expectations for appropriate behavior, by acting on behalf of merchants or stakeholders who complain, and/or by requesting the person to change their location.
  • Litter pick-up in path of travel, and general support and reporting to Cleaning Ambassadors.

The schedule for the Hospitality Ambassadors in approximately as follows:

Hospitality Ambassador Schedule Premium Zone Standard Zone

Coverage in all areas

7 days/week 12-16 hours

7 days/week 8-12 hours

Primary method of coverage

Foot patrol

Foot or Segway patrol

Patrol rounds

4 rounds per shift

2 rounds per shift

Business contacts

6 per shift

3 per shift

Outreach with street populations