Property Based Business Improvement District (PBID)

The DBA manages the Downtown Berkeley Property Based Business Improvement District (PBID), a self-imposed and self-governed property tax assessment, to fund Environmental and Economic Enhancement Services, that augment—not replace—base level City services.

These enhancements are outlined in the District Management Plans approved by the property owners and updated in the Programs section of this website. The PBID was first formed in 2012 after a 71% vote by property owners, and then renewed and expanded for 2017 by a 87% vote in May 2016.


The Downtown Berkeley Association Property-based Business Improvement District (PBID) is approximately bounded by Delaware to the north, Oxford and Fulton Streets to the east, Martin Luther King Jr. Way to the west, and Dwight Way to the south. (In 2017 the PBID will expand south to Carleton St. and west to Grant St.

Budget and Rates

The total improvement and activity plan budget for 2017 is projected at $1,521,788.  (The DBA Board of Directors may increase the budget up to 5% to cover increased expenses.)  The initial budget allocation is summarized below:

Downtown Berkeley PBID Budget

As described in more detail in the District Management Plan, assessment rates are determined by a “cost allocation” approach, where the total budget to achieve the goals was divided by the total number of building and lot square feet in the district, adjusted for use (commercial, residential, nonprofit) and zones (premium and standard):


Also, see District Management Plan for illustrative detailed budget and five year operating budget and maximum assessments.